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Celestia UNOFFICIAL build 2007-12-17
Changes (2007-12-17):
- Julian Date option in Set Time panel (Cmd+T)
- All 1.5.0pre4 features

Celestia Experimental interface (aka SuperTabs) 2007-07-16
For feedback, please post in the Celestia forum (shatters.net)
Note: this is a test app, not a full build of Celestia
How to use
- Click on toolbar labels (Controls, Set Time, etc) to switch between panels (no icons for now)
- Customize toolbar labels in the usual OS X manner
- Drag the empty edges of the current panel or click 'Detach' to tear it off
  * Release the mouse outside the window to make a new window
  * Drag a torn-off panel into another window to merge
- Menu shortcut keys activate the correct panels, for example Cmd+B
Known bugs
- The active panel's label can get hidden if the window is too small

SquishDDS 1.1 - DDS converter for OS X
Changes (v1.1, 2007-05-06):
- Mipmapping
- Color matching (read Help for usage)
- DXT5 compressed normal map generation (.dxt5nm)
- New ultra high quality mode (introduced in v1.10 of the squish library)
Source code for SquishDDS 1.1 (includes squish 1.10, MIT License)

CModTool 1.0.4 - gui for converting 3ds into Celestia cmod format